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Born to parents who were both designers, Cipi Rosenberg grew up surrounded by all the elements that would one day form her passion. Wallpaper remnants. Fabric rolls. Paint samples. It took a while for her calling to become a career. But each perfectly executed project brought more contacts reaching out – and spreading the love. So one delighted client at a time, CMR was born. Then grew. And then... evolved into something even we couldn’t have dreamed possible. Which is perfect, because Cipi believes great things are even better when they come to be organically.

“It’s always about what’s best for the client.”

I like everything about working with CMR - from their pleasant staff, to their knowledge and skill, to their absolute dedication to their clients. But my favorite part is that nothing is about them - their portfolio or reputation. It’s always about what’s best for the client, even if it’s a lower-end choice. Cipi is incredibly professional but still lends her personal interest and magic touch to every project. I highly recommend CMR.
Eli Brailofsky, Dream Cabinetry
“They intuitively understand the things I usually have to laboriously explain.”

This is an incredibly expert team. How do I know? Every time they spec our products, I am amazed at the perfect strategy and smarts behind the placement. They intuitively understand the things I usually have to laboriously explain. This is a big contribution to customer satisfaction - and one of the reasons I highly recommend them.
Jacob Herzog, Lucida Sufaces
“On top of their game - down to the last detail.”

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with CMR. Cipi and her team are efficient, organized, and on top of their game - down to the last detail. When working with other designers, I often have to remind them about the minutiae of the project at each meeting. But Cipi recalls the details instantly, and is always willing to do everything to ensure the successful execution.
Chuck Reese, Concepts Inc.
“The perfect balance of kind and professional.”

Every member of the CMR team has the perfect balance of being kind and professional. Their talent and acumen stands out in the industry, yet they are still always looking to up their game and make an already amazing experience even better. They will stop at nothing to get the absolute best for their clients, all while maintaining a personal touch. They are simply incredible.
Home services, Lakewood, NJ
“Everything was presented beautifully from concept to execution.”

Working with CMR Design was an absolute pleasure. I was most impressed with the level of organization, detail and professionalism. Everything was presented beautifully from concept to execution; I look forward to working with them again and highly recommend their work.
Yisroel Teitelbaum, House of Granite
“Every collaboration is seamless and successful.”

Construction is known for its pitfalls and hurdles. But working with top-notch designers like CMR makes every step of the process so much smoother. Their efficiency, responsiveness, and pleasant demeanor make every collaboration seamless and successful.
Avi Chopp, Ashley Management
“Collaborating with them is always a privilege.”

I’ve worked with Cipi and her team on numerous projects, and collaborating with them is always a privilege. Her smart suggestions always enhance the final product, and her strategy is well-honed and flawless.
Baruch Fromowitz, BF Design
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